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Ankle pain can have its root in various reasons. There are reasons you can have ankle pain. For example, instability, arthritis, tendonitis, nerve compression, infection etc. That just only some of them. Patients most of the times describe pain as an intense one.  Moreover, it occurs while ankle is in motion.  Initial treatment from the patients can consist rest, ice and immobilization. For serious problems, an ankle surgeon is going to be able to determine the cause of the problem.

Furthermore, if you are currently in pain and suffering from an ankle injury, it is important that you know the facts about this sensitive area.  After all, you may decide to not give your ankle injury proper attention and for it to heal completely. But then you may run the risk of it occurring again.


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In this area of our site you will find various resources on the types of ankle injuries that you could suffer from. It also consists of information about the steps that should be taken for fixing this problem.

In conclusion, take the time and make sure you get proper attention; after all, you have better things to do than hobble around on a pair of crutches. 

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