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An elbow injury can happen anytime, mostly when you least expect it. You may get sore from sitting at a desk all day while you watch TV. Maybe, it could also injure your elbow when you have an especially competitive game of tennis where your wife showed you who’s boss.  There can be many reasons why this happens.  That why we can help you with your elbow injury treatment.

One of the reasons can be the ulnar nerve. This is a major nerve that runs through the arm. This nerve is responsible for movement and sensation in the forearm and the hand. The nerve travels through a small tunnel at the back of the elbow. This is called the cubital tunnel. The nerve is protected in the tunnel, but sometimes it can get compressed. This becomes cubital tunnel syndrome.

In any situation, we are always there to help! Our elbow injury treatment can help you with your elbow issues.

You have found the area of our site that we have devoted to you and we want you to know that we take your injury seriously. We want to make sure we help you correct it.  We will do it by giving you the most up to date and accurate resources available.

After all, we know it’s important for you to be able to watch all the TV you want in comfort. However, we can’t guarantee a pain-free elbow is going to help you beat your wife at tennis.  We’re not miracle workers after all.

What happens in the Elbow Injury Treatment 

Our physiotherapists will do an exam on your elbow to find what is causing the pain and nerve compression. A number of tests are done to find the constraint in sensation and muscle function. In the elbow injury treatment  the pain will happen. Our experts will put you what is best for you as a brace. One of the treatments we have is the range of motion, strengthening and gentle nerve stretching exercises.

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