Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries are an unfortunately common occurrence. From working in production lines to sitting in a desk all day and everything in between, all workplaces carry a risk for injury. In that case, we understand the emotional toll that results from taking time out of work due to an injury. Most often, the injury is from the accumulation of improper posture, muscle strain, repetitive motions and overexertion. We can help you with your workplace injury.

Work Place Injuries Complete Care Physio

Essentially, physiotherapy is a crucial step to healing after any workplace injury. At Complete Care Physiotherapy Chiropractic, we strive for our clients to return to their workplace functional and knowledgeable, so they can ease their pain. We know there is no one similar injury and that every individual has unique needs. Our physiotherapists first assess and identify the patient’s short and long-term goals and apply appropriate evidence-based treatment customized for each client. Any workplace injury needs time to heal, so let us help with the healing process.  We want to be apart of the process, so we can see you develop better than before.

Our physiotherapy for work-related injuries can help to:
Neck/Upper Back/Upper Limb (NUBUL) injuries.

One of the most common workplace injuries we find is Neck/Upper Back/Upper Limb (NUBUL) injuries.  For instance, this is mostly attributed to occupations that require sitting for long periods of time or even lifting heavy objects. Poor posture and techniques repeated over time can create tension in the muscles, ligaments, discs and nerves in these areas. In other words, discomfort and pain is a consequence and physiotherapy corrects it through passive treatments like Shockwave therapy (SWT), laser therapy in conjunction with active treatment. In addition, these are stretches and exercises.

A great exercise for those that sit for most of the day is corner push-ups. For example,  make sure you stand in front of a corner and lean against the wall with your body streamlined. Then, bend your elbows until you feel your shoulder blades get close to each other and push up. Repeat 20x, 3-4x a day. This strengthens rhomboids and shoulders.

Lower Back Injuries and Pain

Other very common workplace injuries pertain to the lower back. It is estimated that back injuries account for over 34% of all workplace injuries and illnesses. Back injuries can be attributed to exerting too much force like lifting or moving heavy objects, repetition, and slouching. We have other services that make your back better with our massage therapy. The pain will reduce, but also you will feel relaxed with our massage.

Exercise is important for the back also. It looks like you are resting, but moving the back is good. It can strengthen your back, stomach and leg muscles. You should avoid toe touching because you can feel mild discomfort. Try doing partial crunches. It is where you do a crunch, but you are crossing arms over your chest or put hands behind your neck. Make sure that you tighten the stomach muscles and raise your shoulders off the floor. Also, breathe out as you move your shoulders. Do this 8 to 12 times. Important thing is that do not lead with your elbows.


Keep these points when lifting:

Knee Injury

Another common injury involves the largest joint of the body is the knee. As a matter of fact, overusing and repetitive stress on the knee contributes to knee injuries. Work that involves kneeling or lifting, plumbers, auto mechanics, construction workers, and cleaners are at risk of developing knee injury.

You will know if it is serious if you hear “pop” or “snap” or you can’t put weight on the leg.

A good exercise for those working desk jobs is to do straight leg lifts to strengthen the quadriceps and therefore the knee. You may add ankle weights and hold the knee straight for 10 counts 10 times.

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