Kinesio Taping

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A therapeutic taping technique used to treat nerves, muscles, and fascia. Some of the common uses of Kinesio taping is to relax overused muscles and facilitate underused muscles. Kinesio tape improves the proprioceptive input (or body awareness) of the target area. It does this by providing consistent feedback to assist in proper movement patterns.  It can benefit patients from chronic or acute conditions. At the same time, it allows the patient to go about their normal lives.


Kinesio Taping acts as a great catalyst to aid the body’s natural healing process. For the reason that it provides support and stabilizes muscles. For example, the Kinesio tape can help an office worker. By using Kinesio tape an office worker could benefit in the neck and lower back issues. These kinds of problems are very common in people with those kinds of jobs.

Furthermore, it can be really helpful for parents in their daily tasks as daily housework and shopping. In addition, when we are taking part in intense activities like bicycling or running it could act as a way to relax our muscles.


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