Pelvic Health

At Complete Care, we specialize in women’s health and we have experts who can provide advance treatment in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD). We use pelvic floor physiotherapy to help women with PFD. in addition, our pelvic floor physiotherapists were specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor-related conditions.

Here are some common Pelvic Health issues:

We also provide Bladder Training and Behavioral Training avoiding our patients from the high risk of childbirth, ageing, diabetes and obesity problems. Also, we offer advice to help treat your pelvic problems.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy At Complete Care Physio

Your initial visit will start with a five minutes assessment include urological history, medical history, surgical history, childhood problems and relevant family history. Also, it includes gynaecologic history, obstetric history, Weight7/BMI and bowel history. This assessment is good because It helps us to arrange a more effective therapeutic schedule.

If you got the symptoms above that bothered you,  just visit our location page and find a doctor near you. It is our number one priority to instill confidence and rebuild your wellness.  All evaluations and treatments will be done in private treatment rooms. 

What Does a Treatment Look Like?

First, we start with a questionnaire and physical exam of your pelvic. It is an external and internal exam. After that, our therapist will talk to you about the results and what he found. All in all, a treatment plan will be made that will fit your needs depending on what findings are. It is recommended for 4 to 8 treatments.for once a week.

In the treatment plan, it will contain dietary alterations, adjustments in voiding patterns, tips to fight the urge to empty your bladder and more. Not all of them will there depending on the results of your exam. In addition, you will get at home treatment for you to work on. Our therapists can tell you different ways with the exercise program. For example, there are manual hands techniques, electrical stimulation and more.

In summary, this treatment will make sure that pelvis is good and better than before.

Complete Care Physiotherapy can take care of any of your pelvic health needs at our offices in HamiltonStoney Creek/Grimsby, and Hamilton Mountain. 

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