Winter Running Tips

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Running is slowly re-gaining in popularity, as the healthy living movement gains traction. However, as winter rolls in, it is important to make sure each and everyone who plans to keep running outside run safely. Here at Complete Care Physio, we care about the safety of our clients, and the appreciate the rapidly growing movement of healthy living. Hence, we decided to tell you some tips and tricks to keep in mind when running out in the winter!

Choosing the Right Shoes

When running during the winter, the first to make sure you have chosen correctly is the shoe. The first quality it should have is cold proof, and keeps water out as well. Besides, you do not want to be slipping all over the place, so having good treads on the sole of your shoe is important.

Winter Suitable Clothing

A regular set of clothing during the winter would a be bulky coat and several layers. However, that is not practical if your goal is to be running outside. Hence, preparing a suitable set of clothes is vital to ensure your session proves to be successful. One feature all your clothing should possess is that it is moisture wicking material. So that your sweat does not get cold and give you shivers the longer you spend your time outside. You generally need thin layers that prevent wind and water and have small linings to keep you warm. For pants, tights are your best choice for comfort and ease of running.

Choosing Appropriate Colors & Lights

During the winter, it is hard to spot runners, so you have to do your part to ensure others can see you. Hence, picking appropriate colors to make you stand out during the whitewash of winter is important. Even then, it is a good idea to wear reflective fluorescent gear. Consider also wearing a headlamp or taking along a torch so you can see better during the long winter nights.

Warming Up

It is hard to warm up outside in the chilly weather, so warming up inside your home, with your running gear on is a good idea. Perhaps you can use a jump rope, run up and down your stairs, or even quickly clean up your house. If you are driving to your running location, linger some time in your car so your body warms up.If you have any questions, please contact us!

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