Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation can be your choice to treat an injury.

Sports injury rehabilitation can change your life around, only if you are willing to give it a chance. Whether you are a athlete or someone who likes to play sports, getting injuries can be disappointing and frustrating. As a athlete, getting an injury can result in not being able to participate in any games or even worse, cause the end of their career. If you are someone who likes to play sports with their friends, an injury can cause serious impact on your professional life, family life and personal relationships.

Recovering from athletic injury can be a long and difficult process.  Many people don’t know what they need to do after an injury. Others can be experiencing severe pain and unable to help themselves. Even more, some can decide that in recovering from an injury, they don’t need to ask for help. This where sports injury rehabilitation can help you or others. It is very important to have a check-up and a treatment plan after injury. Early signs of an injury is also one of the key to getting back to shape. Physical therapy is a treatment technique that seeks to fix you body’s function as well as providing pain relief.

Regardless of how you were injured, there are a couple elements of fitness that need to be talked about in your treatment plan, which are “strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, power, agility, coordination, quickness and cardiovascular endurance.

Guidelines to Follow:

  • Begin as soon as possible ( ideally first 24-48 hrs)
  • Have a therapist go over your injury completely (first 2-7 days)
  • Having an active role in creating a treatment plan to fit you
  • Progress exercises in stages
  • Make sure to include rehabilitation specific to your injury and sport
  • Scheduling evaluations 

It is important to know that the exercises used in your therapy do not focus on improving strength and flexibility. Instead, they are able to help you in retraining your muscles the correct way to function. The final goal is to allow a person to gain strength, flexibility and balance as well as prevent them from re-injuring in the future. Contact Complete Care Physio today for your closest location to begin your session.

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