Vestibular Rehabilitation

The vestibular system comprises the brain and inner ear which control balance and eye movements. Dizziness is very common in 50% of adults. It can affect their lives at some point. The symptoms of dizziness and related ones can make you have trouble in your regular activities. Head injuries can also cause it.  In fact, Vestibular rehabilitation comes in and can benefit you.

Aerobics Equipment for Vestibular Rehabilitation

Furthermore, primary symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, impaired vision or balance. It can cause secondary symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. Likewise, a person may also display other types of symptoms that is not on the list of symptoms.

Also, dizzyness can be many things. For example, lightheadedness, swaying, sensations of moving and more. These symptoms can help even if you are standing up,  laying down or changing positions. In addition, it can be a constant or an episode, which can seconds, minutes,  or even hours.

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular rehabilitation aims to reduce the primary and secondary symptoms of vestibular disorders. This is an exercise-based designed to reduce vertigo, dizziness and more. It determines the cause of the symptoms through a series of tests. The tests see what the appropriate treatment exercises for the patient. For example, eye and head exercises can help reduce vision imbalance. 

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy presents ways to promote and work with the natural compensation. It often occurs with vestibular disorder patients. Compensation is the brain working to use the body’s other sensory systems (vision, somatosensory). It used to compensate for the impaired vestibular system. There is not much options to choose from to repair the damage to the vestibular system. Therefore, compensation helps a person to restore function and health

Why is This Therapy Important?

The combination of symptoms experienced by a person with a vestibular disorder will differ on the individual. In that case, it requires a tailored approach to treatment. It is necessary to obtain professional treatment from physiotherapists with training in this particular area. For the reason that it can help to implement the most effective treatment program. Hence, allowing patients to improve their quality of life.


In addition, it will be the only treatment needed for you. In other treatments, it might be apart of presurgery/postsurgery treatment. Also, if you learn these exercises, you can always use the exercises again. You can use it if you ever get dizzy again. It will cause your problems to be gone or reduced.

Different exercises can be used for other stuff like in bed, sitting, standing or moving around. In that case, you can be flexible with it. It can affect everyday tasks in a positive way. If you have a common disorder like headaches, you can use the exercises to help get of it in an instance.

One of the benefits is that you can gain your confidence in the activities that you do. Also, it can increase your stability in your movement. For instance, balance is important to have. The vestibular system in the brain controls our posture. Since it controls our posture, we have the ability to maintain balance and our movements. It is going to help you walk or run more, so you can be more active.

Without this therapy, you are not able to some of the things that you can do before. For instance, play sports, go on a hike etc.



Factors Affecting Treatment:

The complexity of these factors can hold up the progress of vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Therefore, working with medical professionals ensures a more holistic approach to treatment is available to the patient. We use evidence-based assessment and treatment techniques. Our knowledgeable and experienced healthcare providers can help you return to your normal activities soon as possible.

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