Custom Knee Bracing

At Complete Care Physio, we offer Custom Knee Bracing in accordance with your needs. Firstly, a lot of adults are facing knee problems. You should do this after an injury or sometimes it is just a chronic problem. As a result, they have limitations in performing some activities. This is because of the pain they are feeling. A custom knee brace could give the necessary help in order to be able to perform all your daily tasks without feeling uncomfortable at all.



We have listed some of the benefits of Custom Knee Braces:

  • Protect the knee during the healing period
  • Stabilize the knee
  • Reducing pain significantly

custom knee bracing brampton

At Complete Care Physio Clinics, we measure and fit custom knee braces for ligament instability and osteoarthritis (OA).

Functional knee braces are useful in rehabilitation following ligamentous knee injuries and ACL reconstruction. They offer control of knee rotation and anteroposterior joint shifting. We have designed Unloader braces to provide pain relief for OA sufferers. This is done by reducing the weight on the affected knee compartment. Studies generally show that unloader braces diminish pain. In turn, increase walking tolerance, and provide better function. It may delay the need for knee replacement surgery. As a physiotherapy company, we want to make sure you are feeling good and you are comfortable walking


When Custom Knee Bracing Can Help

Custom knee bracing can help improve a lot of conditions. Some of the area:

  • Post-surgical process
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Jumper’s knee
  • Knee instabilities

You should only use knee braces in conjunction with a rehabilitation program. We spend time assessing you to get a deep understanding of the human body. We want you to learn about your body, your brace and fitting you also. The program should incorporate strength and balance training, flexibility, activity modification and technique refinement. Our staff wants to improve as a person also. 

Also, most insurance carriers reimburse for this level of evaluation by Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. 

We offer knee therapy services at our physiotherapy offices in Brampton and Hamilton (East HamiltonStoney CreekHamilton Mountain).


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