Shockwave Therapy

shockwave therapy

Complete Care Physical Therapy also offers a modern treatment option for orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine, and shockwave therapy. Simply put, it is a direct mechanical force used to initiate healing mechanisms in the body. It is effective in treating golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, heel spurs and among other conditions. 

shockwave therapy mississauga

What is Shockwave Thepary?

First of all, shockwave therapy (SWT) is a multidisciplinary device used for problems from various areas, like physiotherapy, sports medicine, orthopedics and more. It is offering great results focusing on fast pain relief and mobility restoration. Therefore, SWT is using acoustic waves with high energy peak. These acoustic waves are interacting with the tissue. As a result, it is repair and cell growth, analgesia and mobility restoration on.  All together, it uses no pain killers and non-surgical therapy, which brings it as the perfect therapy to make a faster recovery. It also takes away the pain. This is most suited for people who have chronic pain like if it pain is longer than 6 weeks.

SWT Thepary Steps 

Furthermore, shockwave therapy application is an easy procedure. It is a 3 steps treatment :

  1. Locate the area, using palpation, for the treatment
  2. In order for the acoustic waves to transfer smoothly, our specialist uses a large amount of gel to the located from the first step area
  3. Our specialist pushes the shockwave applicator and presses the start button.

What You Need To Know About SWT

  • The majority of patients that used shockwave therapy did not have successful results with other types of treatment. Research showed that approximately 80% of the patients benefit after SWT.
  • To complete a session of shockwave therapy it is depending on the type of treatment the patient requires. Most often, patients need 3-5 treatments.
  • There are no significant restrictions after shockwave therapy. The advice to the patient is to avoid any physical activities for 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Depending on the level of pain,  the patient is experiencing might feel a bit uncomfortable during the treatment. Although, treatment lasts for only 5 minutes. So most of the patients are able to tolerate this feeling
  • New research shows that SWT can have a positive effect on acute pain 

In conclusion, our shockwave treatments are available in all of our locations, including  Brampton and Hamilton (East HamiltonStoney CreekHamilton Mountain).


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