Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy is physiotherapy treatment for the children ageing from 0-18 years old.

Complete Care Physio provides Pediatric Physiotherapy services at all our Locations.

Pediatric Physiotherapy at Complete Care Physio

Our licensed pediatric therapists will provide customized service. It is done by a thorough assessment of every individual case. The purpose of this therapy is to see the conditions of a developing child with therapeutic intervention. It can help to see what to the diverse in terms of the needs of the child. We want to make sure child is better than before.

Considering the specialty of each pediatric case, we recommend an initial visit prior to the treatment. It starts with a face-to-face evaluation, discussing your children’s medical histories, and injury history. Then, they look at treatment goals and any specific concern about your children’s conditions. After gaining parental approvals, our pediatricians will work with you together to begin the proper hands-on treatments. Our subsequent and one-on-one pediatric physiotherapy treatment allows your children to build up trust with our therapists gradually.

In the end, our therapists will talk to you about your child’s treatment goals and results. Parents have an important role because it will help your child through education and hands-on instructions said by the therapist. 

Pediatric Physiotherapy Complete Care
Pediatric Physiotherapy Care Complete Care Physiotherapy Brampton and Hamilton

Why do children need Pediatric Physiotherapy

  • Pediatric physical therapy helps children to improve their gross motor skills
  • This therapy helps them improve their basic mobility skills
  • Helps children in developing an independent mindset
  • Children achieve a higher sense of self-esteem
  • Can transform a child’s function at maximum potential

Pediatric Physiotherapist’s Skill Set

Our pediatric physiotherapists have a lot of skills that they combine to be a good pediatric physiotherapist. However, the most important skill they can have is trust. Parents and guardians make sure they have to trust their skills and knowledge, so they can together help the child as a team. Also, it also requires the trust of the child in our pediatric physiotherapist. This is because teaching gross motor skills to an infant or child involves physical handling and assisting. If the child does not trust our pediatric physiotherapist, then they won’t be connected. The best thing is to be connected and build trust between another.


Also, our physiotherapists are good at multitasking and excellent attention detail. For example, when they are doing an assessment, they have to watch the child do something, but also take notes.  Any pediatric physiotherapist needs to be insightful. For instance, the physiotherapist needs to find the right time to silly, enthusiastic, calm etc in front of the child or infant. They need to challenge the children while making them feel safe. They need to understand the child’s actions, so they can find the best course of treatment. Lastly, the environment is important too. Our physiotherapists make an environment for each child, so they can make sure they make the best use of the child’s independence and function in their lives.

How OT Can Help With Different Kind of Challenges

Children with specific challenges need OT. For example, one challenge like stuttering can cause speech delays. There is no cure, but there is a number of ways to improve the child’s speech. For example, you can provide a relaxed setting, listen attentively when the child speaks, or listen closely when the child speaks and wait for him or her to say the word he/she wants. There are many ways to do it. Just talk to one of our physiotherapists on what to do for the condition that your child has.

OT can help with big kids with sensory processing also. When kids are having problems with sensory processing, they can overreact or underact to things from the 5 senses. This can lead to a temper tantrum or meltdown. Our therapists can design a sensory diet. It has physical activities and arrangements for their needs.


Also, you can check out more details regarding your first visit to one of our clinics in our related page. We offer personalized goal-oriented therapeutic exercise programs.

Finally, visit us for customized pediatric physiotherapy sessions in Brampton and Hamilton (East HamiltonStoney CreekHamilton Mountain).